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  • a prep 1. to (a point in space or time, a goal, etc.); 2. at (a point in space or time, a stage of development, etc.);
    a (+ inf) to; also: for (+ gerund);
    sala a attender waiting room
    Hence: [apena] etc.

  • [a-] prefixo verbal [used with verbs and, in combination with verbal suffixes, with nouns and adjectives] to, toward, into (expressing motion to, change into, increase of intensity, etc.)
    Hence: abatter etc.; abassar etc.

  • a- prefixo [an- before -h- and vowels; used with nouns and adjectives] a-, an- (= not ...; without, lacking ...)
    Hence: agnostic etc.; amnesia etc.; analphabete etc.; anarchia etc.; anesthesia etc.; anesthetic etc.; anhydre etc.; athee etc.

  • Aachen [G] npr Aachen, Aix-la-Chapelle

  • ab prep since, from

  • abandonamento n abandonment

  • abandonar v to abandon;
    abandonar se a to indulge in

  • abandono n I. abandonment (1. action of abandoning; 2. state of being abandoned); II. abandon
    Hence: abandonar-abandonamento

  • abassamento n lowering; also: abasement;
    abassamento de un equation [Math.] reduction of an equation

  • abassar v to lower; also: to abase;
    abassar un perpendicular [Geom.] to drop a perpendicular

  • abatter v to knock or cast down
    Hence: abattimento; abattitor; abattitorio; abattite

  • abattimento n despondency, dejection

  • abattite 1. pp of abatter; 2. adj downcast, dejected

  • abattitor n one who knocks down; also: feller, wood-cutter, slaughterer, etc.

  • abattitorio n slaughterhouse, abattoir

  • abbate n abbot
    Hence: abbatessa; abbatia-abbatial

  • abbatessa n abbess

  • abbatia (-ía) n 1. abbacy; 2. abbey

  • abbatial adj abbatial

  • abbordabile adj approachable, accessible

  • abbordage (-aje) n [Naut.] (act of) boarding (a ship)

  • abbordar v 1. to land (= to go ashore from a ship or boat); 2. [Navy] to board (= to come alongside in order to attack); 3. to accost, address
    Hence: abbordo; abbordage; abbordabile

  • abbordo n 1. [Naut.] (act of) landing; 2. [Navy] (act of) boarding (a ship)

  • abbreviamento n abridgement, abbreviation

  • abbreviar v to abridge, abbreviate
    Hence: abbreviamento; abbreviation; abbreviative; abbreviator; abbreviatura

Como consultar le dictionario

  • Scribe le parola(s) que tu vole trovar, separate per spatios:

    Exemplo: vider reguardar

    Isto trova entratas que contine "vider", o "reguardar", o ambes.

  • Usa un asterisco pro trovar qualcunque sequentia de zero o plus litteras.

    Exemplo: vide* reg*ar

    Isto trova entratas con "vide", "vider", "vidente", etc., o "reguardar", "regular", etc.

  • Usa qualcunque symbolo differente de littera/numero/asterisco/spatio pro indicar adjacentia de parolas.

    Exemplo: act*.of.*ing

    Isto trova iste exacte sequentia de parolas, malgrado qualcunque punctuation existente inter illos in le dictionario: "action of abandoning", o "(act of) boarding", etc.

  • Usa "+" o "-" ante un parola o sequentia de parolas pro fortiar su presentia o absentia.

    Exemplo: +vider +reguardar -see

    Isto trova entratas que contine ambe parolas "vider" e "reguardar", ma sin "see".

    Nota: Quando tu fortia le presentia de alcun parola con "+", parolas indicate sin "+" o "-" es ignorate.

    Exemplo: vider +reguardar -see

    Isto trova entratas que contine "reguardar" e non contine "to see". Le parola "vider" es ignorate per le cerca.

    Attention: Il debe haber un spatio ante le signal "+" o "-" e le parola anterior, o illo sera considerate un indicator de adjacentia. "il-se+tracta-de" non es le mesme que "il -se +tracta -de"!

  • Misce le optiones supra pro realisar cercas complexe.

    Exemplo: +act*.of.*ing -*ntia -*ura -*age