21st International Interlingua Conference
by the Union Mundial pro Interlingua (UMI)

19th to 24th September 2015 | Welcome to Spain!

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(updated 22nd July 2015) (This English translation may lag behind the original Interlingua version)

The conference programme is currently under active development. Return to this page from time to time to see the latest information. At the time of writing, the following programme items are known:

Interlingua courses

  • Introductory Interlingua course for beginners
  • Advanced Interlingua conversation course


  • 60th anniversary celebration of the Union Mundial pro Interlingua (UMI), founded on the 28th of July 1955 in Tours, France. A lecture about the history of the UMI and of the promotion of Interlingua through the years.
  • A brief history of Radio Netherlands Worldwide (Martijn Dekker). In 2012, the Dutch government essentially abolished Radio Netherlands, the short-wave radio station founded in 1947 which was popular and authoritative throughout the world for many decades, broadcasting in seven languages. This lecture will relate a small part of its rich history.
  • ...(more to follow)...

Workshops and working group

  • Interlingua and Spanish compared (Julian Mendez). A useful course for Spanish speakers who woul like to learn Interlingua, and for all with an interest in the linguistic similarities and differences between the two languages.
  • Creating an educational site for those who would like to learn Interlingua.
  • Music workshop: writing lyrics and poetry in Interlingua, play music.
  • ...(more to follow)...

Tourist excursions

  • (Details to be confirmed)


  • Party: entertainment evening with various shows, music, etc. at the final night of the conference.
  • ...