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Interlingua (disveloppate per IALA)

Breve Vocabulario de Interlingua

Interlingua non usa marcas de accento. Le accento tonic cade quasi sempre super le vocal ante le ultime consonante. Pro facilitar vostre lectura, in casos exceptional nos sublineara le vocal tonic.

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Principios de Interlingua

Pro standardizar le parolas international il habeva tres regulas general. Iste regulas determina (1) in quante del quatro unitates de controlo un parola international debe esser trovate pro esser eligibile pro representation in le lingua auxiliar; (2) in qual forma un parola international eligibile debe esser standardizate; e (3) qual significato o significatos illo debe portar.

  1. Pro que un parola sia eligibile pro representation in Interlingua illo debe esser representate per variantes con al minus un significato commun in al minus tres del quatro unitates de controlo — anglese, francese, italiano, espaniol/portugese.
  2. Le forma standardizate in le qual un parola international eligibile es representate es un forma "denominator commun" de tote su variantes e pote esser appellate lor "prototypo". Le prototypo es attingite per un studio complete del etymologia del familia de parolas in le qual le parola international es trovate.
  3. Le significato o significatos de un parola international standardizate es le significato o significatos que le variantes que contribueva a su eligibilitate ha in commun.


a to; at; in
ab from, since
ad to, at
accender to light
adjutar to help
ager to act, do
al contraction of a le
anywhere, somewhere
alicun, alcun any, some
alique, alco anything, something
alora then
alsi also, as well, too
alte high
altere other
amar to like, love
ambe both
amico friend
an used to introduce a question; if, whether
ancora still, yet
anglese English
anniversario anniversary, birthday
anno year
anque also, as well, too
ante before
antea previously
aperir to open
apparer to appear
appellar to call
appertiner to belong
apportar to bring
apprender to learn
apud by, near
arbore tree
arder to burn
argento silver
ascoltar to listen to
assatis rather
assecurar to assure, insure
assi so, thus
attender to wait for
attinger to attain, reach
attraher to attract
audir to hear
augmentar to increase
aure ear
auro gold
avante before
ave bird
avion aeroplane


basse low
bastante enough; quite
batter to beat, hit
belle beautiful
ben well
ben que although
besonio need
biber to drink
billet ticket
bira beer
bon good
boteca shop
brachio arm
breve short
bucca mouth
bureau office


cader to fall
calide hot
cambiar to change
camera room
campo field
capace able, capable
capillos hair
capite head
car dear
casa house
caso case
cata each, every
causa cause
a causa de because of
celar to hide
celo sky, heaven
cento hundred
cercar to look for
certe certain
cessar to stop
ci here
cinque five
circa, circum about
citate city, town
clauder to close
cognoscer to know
colliger gather
collo neck
comenciar to begin
como as; how; like
comprar to buy
comprender to understand
con with
contar count
continer to contain
convenir to suit
coperir to cover
corde heart
corpore body
cosa thing
costar cost
creder to believe
crescer to grow
cuje whose
currer to run
curte short
cute skin


dar to give
de from; of
deber to have to, must, ought; duty
debile weak
dece ten
del contraction of de le
deman tomorrow
demandar to ask
dente tooth
depost afterwards, since
derecto right
desde afterwards, since
detra behind
devenir to become
dextere right
dicer to say, tell
die day
difficile difficult
digito finger
disparer to disappear
dolor pain
dono gift
dormir to sleep
dubita doubt
ducer to lead
dum while
dunque therefore
duo two
dur hard
durante during
durante que while


e and
ecce here is (are), behold
effortiar se to try
era was, were, used to be
es am, is, are
esque used to introduce a question
esser to be
esseva was, were, used to be
estate summer
estranie strange
estranier foreign
etate age
etiam also, as well, too
evenir to happen
ex from, out of
exactemente exactly
expensive, car expensive, dear
exprimer (se) to express (oneself)
extra besides, outside


facer to do, make
facie face
facile easy
facto deed, fact
familia family
fatigate tired
per favor please
felice happy
femina woman
ferir hit, wound
filia daughter
filio son
fin end
a fin de in order to
a fin que in order that
in fin in short
finir to finish
foco fire
folio leaf
foras, foris outside
forsan perhaps
forte strong
fortiar to force
fratre brother
frigide cold
fundar to found
fundo bottom


gamba leg
gambon ham
ganiar to gain, win
gauder to be glad
gaudio joy, happiness
gelato ice cream
german German
gorga throat
grande big, great, large
grate grateful
gratias thank you


ha has, have
haber to have
hastar to hurry
heri yesterday
hiberno winter
hic here
hodie today
homine man
hora hour; o'clock
humero shoulder


ibi there
il it; there
il ha there is, are
illa she, her
illac there
illas they, them
ille he, him
illes they, them
illo it; that
illos they, them
impedir to hinder
imprimer to print
in in, into
incontrar to meet
infante child
infra below
inseniar to teach
insimul together
integre whole
inter among, between
interea, interim, intertanto meanwhile
interim, intertanto meanwhilewithin
inviar to send
io I
ipse -self
iste this, these adj.
isto this pron.


ja, jam already, at once
jacer to lie
jammais ever
jectar to throw
jentaculo breakfast
jocar to play
junger to join
juvene young
juxta next to


la her, it
labio lip
lacrima tear
large broad, wide
las them fem.
lassar to leave, let
latere side
lavar to wash
le the; him, it masc.
leger to read
legier light adj.
lente slow
les them masc.
levar to lift
leve left adj.
libere free
libro book
lingua language; tongue
littera letter
lo it
lo que what, which
loco place
longe long
lontan distant, far
lor their
los them neut.
lumine light


ma but
major greater
mal bad adj.; badly adv.
malgrado in spite of
mancar to lack, be missing
mangiar to eat
de maniera que so that
mano hand
mar sea
marita wife
marito husband
matino morning
matre mother
me me
medie half
mediedie, meridie midday
melio better adv.
melior better adj.
mense month
mente mind
mentionar to mention
mesme same; -self
mesmo even
mi my
micre tiny
minor smaller
minus less, minus
a minus que unless
al minus at least
mitter to put
molle soft
moneta coin, money
monstrar to show
morir to die
mover to move
multe many, much
multo very
mundo world


nam because
nascer to be born
naso nose
natar swim, float
nemo nobody
nette clean
ni neither, nor
nihil nothing
nimie too many, too much
no no
nocte night
nomine name
non not
nondum not yet
nonne? is it (not)?
non obstante nevertheless
nos we; us
nostre our
nove new; nine
de nove, de novo again
novem nine
nulle no, none
nunc now
nunquam never


o either, or
oblidar to forget
obra work
obtener to obtain, to get
occurrer to happen
octo eight
oculo eye
omne all, every
on one, you, they, people pron. indet.
ora now
osso bone


pagar to pay
pan bread
pais country
parer to appear, to seem
parlar to speak
parola word
partir to leave
parve small
passato past n.
patata potato
patre father
pauc few
pauco a little
paupere poor
pecia piece
pectore breast
pede foot
pejo, pejor worse
pena difficulty
a pena hardly, scarcely
pensar to think
per by, through
perder to lose
periculo danger
perque because; why
pertiner to belong
pesante heavy
peter ask
petra stone
placer to please; pleasure
plen full
plure several
plus more; plus
al plus at the most
de plus besides, moreover
in plus furthermore
poc(o) = pauc(o)
pois que since
poner to put
populo people
porta door
portar to carry
post after, behind
postea afterwards
postmeridie afternoon
poter to be able, can; power
povre poor
precio price; prize
prender to take
presso a near
preste quick, ready
presto immediately; quickly
preter beyond, besides
prime first
pro for; in order to
probar to prove, test
prohibir forbid
promitter to promise
proponer to suggest
proprie own
proque because; why
proxime next
puera girl
puero boy


qua like; as
qual what, which
qualque some
quando when
quante how many, how much
quanto as much as; how much
quanto a as for
quasi almost
quatro four
que that; what; than; whom
qui who
quo where (to...)


rapide quick
ration reason
re about
recercar search
reciper to receive
rege king
regina queen
regno kingdom
regratiar to thank
regrettar to regret
reguardar to look at
remaner to remain, stay
repasto meal
repeter to repeat
responder to answer
restaurante restaurant
restar to remain, stay
retornar to come back
retro back; ago
revenir to come back
ric rich
rota wheel


salutar to say hello to
salvo but for
san healthy
sanguine blood
saper to know
a saper namely
satis enough; fairly, quite
scriber to write
se her-, him-, it-, oneself, themselves
seculo century
secundo along; according to
secur secure; sure
sed but
seder to sit
seliger choose
semper, sempre always
senior Mr., sir
seniora Mrs., lady
senioretta Miss
sentir to feel
septe seven
septimana week
sequer to follow
sera will be
servitor waiter, servant
sex six
si yes; if; as; so
sia be; whether, or
simile similar
sin without
sinistre left
sino bosom
sol alone, single, sole; sun
solmente, solo only
son are
soror sister
sortir to go out
sovente often
de sorta que so that
sortir to go out
speculo mirror
sperar to hope
stadio stadium
star to stand
stomacho stomach
stoppar to stop
strata street
su her, his, its, one's
sub under
subite sudden
sud south
suggerer suggest
super above, on, over
suppa soup
supponer to suppose
supra above
sur above, on, over


tabula table
tacer to be silent
tal such
tamen however, yet
tante so many, so much
tanto as; so; so much
in tanto que inasmuch as
tarde late
tassa cup
te you obj., thee
tempore time; weather
terra earth
testa head
tener to hold, keep
timer to be afraid of
tirar to pull, to shoot
toccar to touch
tornar to turn
tosto early, soon
plus tosto rather
tote all, every
totevia nevertheless
toto all, everything
non del toto not at all
tractar to deal with
traducer to translate
traher to drag, draw
tranquille calm, quiet
traino train
trans across, beyond
travaliar to work
tres three
troppo too, too much
trovar to find
tu you, thou; your, thy
tum then
tunc then


ubi where
ubique everywhere
ulle any, some
ultime last
ultra beyond; besides
un a, an; one
unquam ever
urbe town
usar to use
usque as far as, until
utile useful


va go(es); am/is/are going
vacue empty
vader to go
varie various
vender to sell
ventre stomach
venir to come
ver true
verso towards
vespere evening
vetere, vetule old
via away; road, way
viagiar to travel
vice time; turn
a vices at times
in vice de instead of
vider to see
vino wine
visage face
visitar to visit
vista sight, view
viste considering
vita life
vitro glass
viver to live
voce voice
volar to fly
voler to want, wish
vos you subj. and obj.
vostre your


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