UMI  Are you interested in international communication in Europe, North and South America, Australia, or large parts of Africa? Do you want to learn a language, but think it would be too difficult? Are you interested in languages in general? Consider/learn Interlingua, a modern tool for international communication!

Interlingua is:

Europa Pan-European.
Interlingua uses words drawn from the following languages: Italian, Spanish/Portuguese, French, English, German, and Russian.
Scientia Scientific.
Interlingua is the result of an extensive cooperation of European and American linguists. They methodically extracted an international vocabulary common to the major languages of Europe.
Natura Natural.
No aspect of Interlingua is artificial or invented. Every characteristic is based on at least three languages of European origin. Interlingua: simplification without artificiality!
Conversation Practical.
Millions understand Interlingua "at first sight". Speakers of Romance languages especially understand Interlingua immediately and almost effortlessly. Ideal for traveling!
Facile Easy.
The grammar of Interlingua is very uniform, and its pronunciation follows strict and simple rules. With Interlingua, there are no endless lists of exceptions and irregularities ... learning Interlingua is a pleasure!
Libros Educational.
With Interlingua, you learn almost automatically many "foreign" or "learned" words in your own native language. Interlingua is an ideal basis for further study of languages.
Bandieras Neutral.
Interlingua isn't the property of a single culture or people. No native speaker has an unfair advantage. Speak Interlingua and put an end to linguistic discrimination.
Ponte antique "Modern Latin".
Most international words are of Latin or Greek origin. In Interlingua, these international words take prototypical and standardized form. The result is a "modern Latin", international and simplified, elegant and practical.
Musica Fun.
With Interlingua you encounter a growing community full of intelligent and original people. Our conferences are unforgettable experiences. Come and have fun with us! We welcome you!

Version breve

INTERLINGUA is an international language that was the result of an extensive cooperation of linguists from Europe and America. The words of Interlingua are based on international words that come from Latin, Greek and other languages, and exist in Italian, French, Spanish/Portuguese, English, German, and Russian. The grammar of Interlingua is simple and easy. The pronounciation is regular and continental European.

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