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  • essayar v I. to try (1. to test, essay; also: to try on garment, etc.; 2. to attempt, essay); II. to assay (“to assay an ore, a metal etc.”)

  • essayo (-sá-) n 1. trial, test; 2. assay (= assayal); 3. attempt, essay; 4. essay (“literary essay”)
    Hence: essayista; essayar-essayage, essayabile, essayator

  • examine n examination (1. investigation; 2. test);
    examine de conscientia self-examination;
    libere examine free inquiry
    Hence: examinar-examinante, examinabile, examinator

  • experir [-per-/-pert-] v to try, put to the test
    Hence: experimento &; experientia &; experte &

  • plumbar v I. to plumb (1. to weight with lead; 2. to test by a plumb line); II. [Dent.] to fill (a tooth)

  • proba n I. proof (1. evidence sufficient to establish a fact; 2. test, trial; 3. [Print., Phot, etc.]); II. [Theat.] rehearsal;
    poner a proba put to the proof;
    a proba de bomba bombproof;
    proba prime galley proof;
    proba general [Theat.] dress rehearsal;
    leger le probas to proofread;
    lectura del probas proofreading;
    lector del probas proofreader

  • probar v 1. to prove (= to establish as true); 2. to test, try; also: to prove (as in “to prove gold”); 3. [Theat.] to rehearse
    Hence: proba; probante; probabile &; probation; probative; probator; approbar &; reprobar &

  • probative adj probative (= serving to test or demonstrate)

  • prova n proof (1. evidence sufficient to establish a fact; 2. test, trial; 3. [Print., Phot., etc.]);
    poner al prova to put to the proof;
    a prova de bomba bombproof;
    prova prime galley proof;
    leger le provas to proofread;
    lectura del provas proofreading;
    lector del provas proofreader

  • provar v 1. to prove (= to establish as true); 2. to test, try; also: to prove (as in “to prove gold”)
    Hence: prova-semiprova etc.; provabile

  • reprobar v I. to test again, try again; II. to reprove (1. to express disapprobation of; 2. to rebuke); III. [Theol.] to reprobate

  • tentar v I. to tempt (1. to try, put to the test; 2. to try to allure, incite, etc.); II. to attempt, try;
    tentar le fortuna to tempt fortune
    Hence: tentaculo; tentation; tentative-tentativa; tentator; attentar &

  • test [A] n test, examination;
    test de intelligentia [Psychol.] intelligence test

  • testa n I. [Zool.] test, shell; II. [Bot.] testa, shell; III. head (1. “head of a person or animal”; also: head, heading; 2. brains, mind);
    al testa de at the head of;
    perder le testa to lose one's head;
    testa coronate crowned head;
    testa de ponte bridgehead;
    testa de littera (factura, etc.) letterhead (billhead, etc.)
    Hence: teston; testacee-testaceos; testiera

  • tubo n tube (1. pipe; 2. [Radio]);
    tubo digestive alimentary canal;
    tubo de reaction test tube;
    tubo de organo organ pipe
    Hence: tubulo-tubular, tubulate, tubulose, tubulation, tubulatura, multitubular etc.; tubar; tubicola etc.

  • verificar v to verify (1. to confirm the truth of; 2. to test or check the correctness of);
    verificar un conto to check, audit an account
    Hence: verificabile; verification; verificator

Como consultar le dictionario

  • Scribe le parola(s) que tu vole trovar, separate per spatios:

    Exemplo: vider reguardar

    Isto trova entratas que contine "vider", o "reguardar", o ambes.

  • Usa un asterisco pro trovar qualcunque sequentia de zero o plus litteras.

    Exemplo: vide* reg*ar

    Isto trova entratas con "vide", "vider", "vidente", etc., o "reguardar", "regular", etc.

  • Usa qualcunque symbolo differente de littera/numero/asterisco/spatio pro indicar adjacentia de parolas.

    Exemplo: act*.of.*ing

    Isto trova iste exacte sequentia de parolas, malgrado qualcunque punctuation existente inter illos in le dictionario: "action of abandoning", o "(act of) boarding", etc.

  • Usa "+" o "-" ante un parola o sequentia de parolas pro fortiar su presentia o absentia.

    Exemplo: +vider +reguardar -see

    Isto trova entratas que contine ambe parolas "vider" e "reguardar", ma sin "see".

    Nota: Quando tu fortia le presentia de alcun parola con "+", parolas indicate sin "+" o "-" es ignorate.

    Exemplo: vider +reguardar -see

    Isto trova entratas que contine "reguardar" e non contine "to see". Le parola "vider" es ignorate per le cerca.

    Attention: Il debe haber un spatio ante le signal "+" o "-" e le parola anterior, o illo sera considerate un indicator de adjacentia. "il-se+tracta-de" non es le mesme que "il -se +tracta -de"!

  • Misce le optiones supra pro realisar cercas complexe.

    Exemplo: +act*.of.*ing -*ntia -*ura -*age

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