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[eng] Your MP3 format

I apologize that I cannot speak Interlingua. Actually I'm a fan of a different IAL (International Auxiliary Language). But I support the IAL movements. :) We are like-minded people with a minor difference.

I am a "computer nerd". What I really mean is I'm knowledgeable about computer stuff. Your MP3 format is: "Formato: MP3 Mono 44kHz 128Kbps (CBR)". 128 Kbps is wasting space. Wasted space means wasted time when a user downloads the file. I strongly recommend that you convert all your 128Kbps files for download into 48 Kbps. Then it is half the size, and 48 Kbps is still very good quality. Smaller numbers are lower quality sound. But when I save MP3's of my CD music on my computer, I do not notice any quality degradation/reduction when I reduce it to 48 Kbps.

I word of warning though: *Do keep files* in 128 Kbps as their original because if you want to convert to another format, you do not want to convert a 48 Kbps file into another audio format. You would need to convert the 128 Kbps file into the other format, then maybe reduce the other format to less bit rate.

I pray someone there understands my English.



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